It’s our city. Let’s build it up.

Spokane Rising is an urbanist blog focused on ways to make our city a better place to live. Launched in 2014, I’ve pivoted multiple times, but the blog will always live at the intersection of economic development, housing, and transportation in the city that I love.

I moved the blog to Substack (mainly because hosting fees were getting expensive and I was frustrated with WordPress 🤣), but I don’t anticipate charging for content anytime soon. Still, you should subscribe to get each new post in your inbox.

Who writes this thing?

Hey! I’m Anthony Gill, and I’m a Spokane native and economic development professional. I grew up in the Spokane area and have loved watching it grow and flourish over the past decade. I now split my time between Spokane and Seattle, but I’m here often enough that I still have a strong connection to my home.

You can also find me monthly in Spokane-Coeur d’Alene Living and from time to time in The Urbanist, The Inlander, The Spokesman-Review, and other publications.

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It's our city. Let's build it up.


Anthony Gill

Advocate for strong cities and equitable economies.