Sitemap - 2014 - Spokane Rising

Idea #23: Terrain meets TED

What's the deal with downtown and parking?

City Council working on changes to Centers and Corridors guidelines

Idea #22: Get rid of every last skywalk

What millennials want--and why Spokane should cater to them

Mobile Murals Project goes live with a public Call for Submissions

Idea #21: Bicycle transit center

The most important downtown Spokane business

GSI, DSP push STA to postpone Plaza renovation

Idea #20: Underground Tours

Wednesday afternoon video: Mini Spokane

On the Market: Wonder Bread Factory

How to fix Spokane's "brain drain"

Idea #19: A real startup fund

Urban village to rise on Spokane's South Hill?

Speaking of a grocery in a remodeled Sherwood Building...


Idea #17: Stronger ties to Seattle

Creating a sense of place on North Monroe (NoMo?)

Why this blogger's been MIA

What could help the Garland District become more vibrant, like South Perry?

Ruby Suites rises in place of former Burgan's Block

#SpokaneStoke: A Weekend of epic proportions

Spokane-area light rail lives?

Gonzaga District set to receive 60 additional student-housing units

KXLY makes a major last-sentence announcement: 150 downtown units

Signs of life on North Monroe

Pre-Fab Deja Vu: Why can't Walt Worthy learn from past mistakes?

What is Density? A Brief Explainer Video

Will the South Perry District finally gain urban-style residential units?

Craft beer takes center stage as the local brewery scene explodes

South Perry drug bust garage set for pedestrian-friendly studio-style space

Could "the market" by Safeway be one solution to our downtown grocery problem?

Spokane's sharing economy grows with addition of Lyft and Uber

Huntington Park and City Plaza officially open to the public

Spokane's biking and running "heat map"

Idea #16: Create a week-long festival-like atmosphere surrounding Bloomsday

The Value of Public Space in Urban Environments

Boise adds "bicycle boxes" to its urban street grid

TONIGHT: Summit for Neighborhood Fairness, Part II

The case for co-opting Kendall Yards' "Urban by Nature" slogan

Where are Spokane's electric vehicle charging stations?

This Week in Public Meetings: 4/24 - 5/2

Downtown's Germond Building gains mid-range to upscale apartments

Idea #15: A well-produced advertising campaign and manifesto

Downtown Spokane's parking surplus

Idea #14: Move most important graduate-level programs from WSU Pullman to WSU Spokane

Coeur d'Alene grows up as One Lakeside gets underway

Boise named a "Best City to move to"; What can Spokane do to land there?

Idea #13: Turn up the #Volume509


Gonzaga wayfinding on point

KXLY land grab at South Complex?

Wait, there's a District Center there? (Lincoln Heights edition)

Kendall Yards #Progress: March 23, 2014

Idea #12: Build high-quality graduate programs (in diverse fields) at local universities

Why Complete Streets are so important

Convention Center Hotel creates...a dead urban street?

An Update on Riverfront Park's U.S. Pavilion

Editorial Comment: Spokane should oppose coal trains

Idea #11: Make the U.S. Pavilion a Community "Lantern"

Spokane Public Market abruptly announces imminent closure

What the Google Fiber expansion means for Spokane

Why not Streetcars?

If It Had Happened, Part 5: South Hill Walmart

Revival: The State of Live Music in Spokane

Latest rendering of Worthy's Convention Center Hotel eschews brick entirely, looks somewhat more modern

General Growth Properties reveals plans to remodel NorthTown Mall

Idea #10: Attract additional flights at Spokane International Airport

Idea #9: Teen/Youth Center

If It Had Happened, Part 4: Gateway Office Building

How to (temporarily) fix the empty lot at 3rd and Division

Good News: Egnyte opens Spokane-area office

Idea #8: A Dedicated HOV/Transit Lane on Division

If It Had Happened, Part 3: Manito Park Place

Wednesday Roundup: Frozen Cocktail Edition

Now/Then: Spokane Falls

Idea #7: Public Squares

The #spokanerising Glossary

If It Had Happened, Part 2: VOX Tower

Legislature considers an end to development vesting

The Legacy of Expo '74

Link Spokane: An Integrated Approach to Planning

Idea #6: Popup Art Galleries

If It Had Happened, Part 1: 153 South Wall

Shame on you, KHQ

Bennett Block to be Redeveloped Soon

Idea #5: Municipal Gigabit Fiber

Downtown Spokane Partnership Proposes to Gut Library, Insert Retail

Idea #4: Large-Scale Public Art

Welcome to LAUNCH WEEK of The #spokanerising Project!

Idea #3: World-Class Outdoor Concert Ampitheater

Midwestern-style Restaurant to open on lower South Hill

Idea #2: Complete the Centennial Trail. For real this time.

Former Huppin's store to be remodeled and leased to new tenants

Idea #1: Green Bike Lanes